Excellent service, product knowledge and competitive prices.

Terracleaned my 1991 150,000 mile 944 s2 (just run in). Very happy with the results. Now idles better, more mid-range torque. Mpg to follow more miles done!

Simon Endsor – Porche 944 s2

Thanks for doing a Terraclean on my diesel Mercedes CLS 3 weeks ago, since doing it I have notice that it’s more responsive and the fuel economy has increased by almost 20%.

Sean Pelling – Mercedes CLS

Cheers for the work you did on my Golf GT Tdi. Since the Terraclean service i’ve been out on the motorway (where I noticed I had a flat spot due to the turbo sticking) now pulls well no issues even my missus noticed how much better it drove.

Adam – Golf GT Tdi

Had my second Terraclean done by Anthony! This time an Audi TT Mk2 3.2! It was suffering with a lumpy idle! Now idles perfectly! Pulls and sounds better too! Will see how fuel consumption goes! Another “Result”! Oh and I got a cracking brew thrown in too.

Simon Endsor – Audi TT Mk2 3.2